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blue summer

since 2002

Colors, like features,
follow the changes
of the emotions.

Pablo Picasso

color in linen

designed to be used and loved for a long time

blue since 2002
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made in linen

made with love 

colorful, lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and keeps you cool or warm. 


New york & miami

We are happy to share that our location in Nolita and Miami Design district are open - as safe as houses.

We pick the very best accesories from all over the world

only available in our stores



Each hand-sown pair is eco-friendly, durable and comfortable as the cotton and jute truly mold to your feet. Making it "YOUR" shoe.

handmade hats
Greenpacha creates sustainable hats made from toquilla straw using traditional techniques.
Available in our stores
the baba tree
by talented artisan from Ghana
The Baba Tree produces stunning gravity-defying baskets,fans and dogbeds. Handmade with local natural materials and dyed in vibrant colours. Available in our stores NEW YORK & MIAMI

inspired styles by


the iconic books with collections on travel and culture are currently available on our stores in

Miami & New York. 



get your swimmsuit and towel to feel the salty ocean breeze. 

barefooT, LINEN & BEACH

our kind of summer;

we enjoy summer with a surf board and drinking mate

Linen pants

hometown; jose ignacio-uy

La brava beach

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